to hug the almost near

to bear the never touch

to tongue the long lost word to scan the intimate orders to feel the heavens below

to talk a million miles ahead to see your melted face

to hold the empty room

to mask the gulf

limbs will be to say

not to say

to say


Dennis Freischlad


Melike Kara, Flying Dinner, May 23 through August 1, 2015, by appointment,

Open Forum presents Flying Dinner, an exhibition of new paintings by Cologne based Melike Kara (b. 1985 in Bensberg, DE). Kara’s paintings explore the fundamental characteristics of human behavior, depicting social constellations and both apparent and unapparent levels of communication. Kara visualizes the metaphysical dynamics of communication within groups through both gestures and facial expressions. The painterly embodiment of these interactions seem familiar due to the simple fact that they reflect our most routine yet complex social relationships Flying Dinner is Kara’s first solo exhibition in Berlin. For inquiries, please contact Hannes and Nick at