Open Forum is pleased to present I am Bird, I am Tree, a show of new works by Shota Nakamura.

”We begin such a stroll on a sunny day before a owering meadow in
which insects buzz and butter ies utter, and we make a bubble around each of the animals living in the meadow. The bubble represents each animal’s environment and contains all the features accessible to the subject. As soon as we enter into one such bubble, the previous surroundings of the subject are completely recon gured. Many qualities of the colorful meadow vanish completely, others lose their coherence with one another, and new connections are created. A new world arises in each bubble.“

– Jakob Johann von Uexküll: A Foray Into the Worlds of Animals and Humans

Shota Nakamura, I am Bird, I am Tree opens Saturday, February 8 from 6 to 8pm and runs through March 31, 2020. For inquiries, please contact Nick at or Hannes at – – @openforuminfo