This liminal being occupies an atopia, mourning the loss of control yet relieved by the hostile forces of nature. The liminal condition, if actualized, could be a terrain of transit for the carefree ambiguous anticipating synchronized disease and desire. A phenomenon that is difficult to reconcile and acknowledged only as a fleeting moment. Leaving behind the delicate design of natural force, the supreme, clashing with legacy, the hypertechnologized.

»Try this as an experiment, it will help you to see things differently.«

This body can not exist without hostility, occupation, action, visibility, sex and can only relate to it all through violence and excitement. Fluid, drenched and heavy—desperate for lucidity, the self in control. All it can feel is intention and urgency.

Escaping opulence, harmony, and toxicity—always in transition and gripping onto uncertainty and demise. Ultimately letting go.

Jazmina Figueroa

Open Forum is happy to present Wetlands, a duo exhibition of new works by Berlin based artists Steffen Bunte (b.1987, D) and Albin Looström (b.1984, SE).

Wetlands: Steffen Bunte, Albin Looström, opens May 20, 3–8pm and will only be on display for the day of the opening, hosted at Open Forum‘s temporary space in Keibelstraße 38, 10178 Berlin. For inquiries, please contact Hannes or Nick at: or,