The lost object which must be continually re-found. It is the pre/post-historic, the unforgettable.

Hierarchies are being questioned, redefined, and flattened; exhibitions are viewed online, in the same stream as memes and other quotidian output; we are experiencing a great flattening of culture, and arguably experience.

Das Ding is an exhibition of new paintings by Daniele Toneatti, whose work responds to, and echoes our era of image nihilism. In this exhibition, we encounter large scale paintings composed of clusters of pre and post internet imagery of “the self”, as well as small scale portraits of figures whose identities are both familiar and uncanny, with an aesthetic temporality existing between ruination and reparation.

This exhibition takes place both in Berlin and online, places both familiar with nihilism. When we think of what has preceded, and what succeeded past periods of mass nihilism, we can’t help but fear what may lay just beyond the
precipice…. and yet we have somehow, eventually, always found our way back to meaning.


For inquiries: nick@openforum.info