You’re missing a lot of beautiful shit., Peppi Bottrop, Violet Dennison, Curated by Elena Brugnano, November 23, 2014 through February 1, 2015, by appointment, info‌@‌‍openforum‌‍.‌info

Open Forum presents You’re missing a lot of beautiful shit., a two person show with new works by Dusseldorf based Peppi Bottrop and New York based Violet Denninson, curated by Elena Brugnano. This is Dennison’s first exhibition in Berlin.

Peppi Bottrop’s (b. 1986 in Bottrop, DE) works are characterized by reduction: not only of the painterly gesture down to just a line, but also the reduction of material to raw canvas and graphite. Bottrop staples raw canvas to the gallery walls and develops a conglomerate of geometric forms which seem to multiply and negate each other at the same time. The strength of the line and the concreteness of the forms vary, dependent on site specific variations of scale and the surface texture of the walls. Through the seemingly simple forms of squares, circles and triangles, Bottrop investigates the foundation of abstraction.

Violet Dennison (b. 1989 in Bridgeport, USA) sources used interior furniture, in this case office chairs, to form the base of her sculptural works. Out of these everyday objects grows a jungle of plastic flowers and ephemera which are mediated to the furniture through concrete, twist-ties and other building materials. Dennison’s use of material and objects from both interior decor and construction form a formal inquiry in to the interdependent relationships between architecture and design.

Dennison’s sculptural works translate the geometric forms of Bottrop’s paintings into three dimensionality through the use of just as simple and every day materials. However, beyond these formal commonalities, both artists challenge economies of space albeit from very different practices of reduction versus accumulation.

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